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Jaws Fit

Jaws recently became an IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) PRO in classic bodybuilding. After meeting such an extreme personal goal, it was time to enable others to do the same! Jaws’ new venture is focusing on online coaching and one-on-one personal training. Their main objectives are to help people reach their physical goals, enhance the quality of life and boost their self-esteem.

  • Client John Le
  • Year 2019 - 2020
  • Services
    • Brand Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Print Design
A New Era of Fitness

John wanted to make sure the right energy was going to be going into his new enterprise. He partnered with Actualize8 to develop a strong brand identity and logo design.

Let Your Logo Do the Talking

He had envisioned utilizing an emblem of some sort that would speak to fitness and strength for those getting acquainted with his brand. After going through multiple rounds of logo designs, we were able to stylize and combine the ‘J’ and ‘F’ in the business name to form a shield—just what John had in mind!

Setting the Tone

All that was left was choosing an appropriate accent colour. In light of the intense passion and drive behind Jaws, it seemed that red was the perfect accent to bring out the adventure and masculinity behind the brand. It was only a little skip from there to other branded assets such as business cards, brochures, and a line of apparel.