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The Fish Man

The Fish Man is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that recently opened in Richmond, BC. They specialise in grilled fish and seafood dishes cooked with fresh, local ingredients. Grill fished is very popular in China, often shared with friends and family. Above all else, they pride themselves on creating a memorable dining experience, paired with an excellent atmosphere.

  • Client The Fish Man
  • Year 2018 - 2019
  • Services
    • Brand Identity
    • Print Design
    • Website Design
Helping the restaurant launch their brand

The Fish Man partnered with Actualize8 to help them create a brand that represented excellence in the food, customer experience, and restaurant decor and atmosphere.

To showcase the restaurant’s unique dishes and cuisine, we created two colour palettes. One palette had several shades of blue, representing the restaurant’s gentle atmosphere but also their sophisticated dishes. We also provided a simplified red and black palette, to match the decor and further showcase their elegance. This resulted in a light, artistic, and watercoloured logo that’s both versatile and unique.

With a thorough review of The Fish Man’s values, principles, and high standards, we established a stylish, sleek, and modernist theme that’s much different from the majority of restaurants in the local area.

Menu Design

We designed the menu to look like a magazine—full of food images to help share the skilful art of the chef’s delectable creations and to share the story of each dish to their patrons.

Collective Collateral

When it came to their successful grand opening, our t-shirt, banner, napkin, poster, and pamphlet designs helped promote and drive foot traffic into the restaurant from the get-go.