Vessi Footwear.

Vessi believes that you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to sneakers, so they created a shoe that can be worn all day, every day, in any weather. Wear them in the snow, wear them in rain, wear them in the sun, even wear them in the shower because sneakers that can do it all are a thing now.

Web Design


 in-person experiences that reflect the brand

Vessi partnered with Actualize8 to help execute a strategy to educate new and existing customers through visual storytelling.

Customers experienced the Vessi brand as they meandered through the tents with illustrations that reflected the brand story, value, and shoes.

Designing online experiences to drive conversion

The footwear industry is competitive. Getting a potential buyer’s attention is difficult and converting them is even harder. If there isn’t a strong sense of urgency, they simply leave without taking action. With that in mind, we created a very simple concept: quantity and savings metres to encourage buyers to take advantage of the scarce and time-sensitive discounts before it was too late.

Tent design.

Many of our customers want to know how our shoes work, but it was hard for them to visualise. Actualize8 helped us create phenomenal illustrations that told them our brand's story and showed them how the shoes worked. It turned hundreds of cold foot traffic into sales.

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