Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) cares for everyone— it's the heart of what they do. They dedicate their time and energy into helping their patients. They believe in staying curious, always open to new ways to improve healthcare. With advances in knowledge, procedures, and technology, many surgeons in North America remain segregated. VGH wanted to find a way to connect surgeons in a frictionless way to help them share ideas and help improve healthcare for their patients.

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Not just a typical social network

VGH partnered with Actualize8 to execute a brand strategy and to develop an online social network. Before doing so, we sought out surgeons to discover their needs and requirements and explored many medical communities and networking sites, which helped us create a brand that represented medical professionals "coming together”.

Launching Reticulum, which means “never alone”

With a brand strategy in place, our goal was to create an online platform that was easy to adopt and simple to use by doing UX research and testing. With an agile approach of design, get feedback, and iterate, the process was collaborative and helped us build a platform that’s future proof.

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