Re:Function is a group of health professionals dedicated to helping clients overcome their physical challenges. Their goal is to improve function to help their clients improve their confidence, connectivity, purpose, happiness, and ultimately independence. As online customer experiences continue to evolve, businesses must adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers. Re:Function partnered with Actualize8 to come up with new solutions to help improve their online customer experience.

Web Design
Web Application Development

Identifying the problems

Re:Function wanted to address two issues. As the business grew, so did the website. Wordpress was making it too difficult to manage the scaling business, and became cumbersome for both the business and clients, eating up valuable time and resources. Soon, new and existing clients also became frustrated with the booking process.

Simplifying the booking experience

Part of the project was to address a user experience issue with the booking system. With user feedback, we made the booking system easier to locate and submit.

Differentiating themselves from the competition

We refreshed Re:Functions look and feel with a modern approach that appeal to young busy professionals.

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